We are a global design brand that seeks to combine in each project contemporary design with inovative business concepts. Our Studio is a creative studio formed by highly qualified and capable team leading projects on an international level in interior architecture, interior design and branding areas. The Headquarters are in small and really cute village in the district of Coimbra that in just a few years became a benchmark for development of integrated projects in Interior Architecture. Ipotz Studio seeks a story in each project, a concept in each line, an inspiration in each client.

The motivation and enthusiasm, that still remains exactly the same as it was our first project together with the experience earned over these past 10 years full of challenges, are ours secret ingredients for success! Healthcare Institutions, Hotels, Restaurants, Business Spaces and Private Housing are some of our projects – YES! You must check our extensive portfolio – where creativity and innovation are highlighted giving to each space a surprising, captivating and functional solution.

We offer creativity and uniqueness in everything we do: from the genesis of the project in our office to its implementation, our portfolio shows the great curriculum that Ipotz Studio has been created over the last few years with major recognition in striking projects from small Portuguese villages to Middle East principal countries.

Project Approach

The origin of a project may involve interviewing a client or organizing a briefing: We often start with a brainstorming meeting, which is a relentless search for innovative ideas that help narrow the problem and broaden the way you think about it.

This is just the beginning of the journey in search of useful and inspiring ideas.

Although talent is a mysterious entity, the creative process tends to follow predictable paths.

We break down this process into stages by implementing conscious thinking and execution methods, we are able to open our minds to incredible solutions that will satisfy customers, users and ourselves.


We offer a full range of architectural services: We can assist with a full service throughout the project, or a limited appointment for specific work stage.

Our Architectural services include design, preparation of construction documents, and construction management.

We also provide a wide variety of services including feasibility studies, 3D rendering and project management, always under the BIM Methodology.

Interior Design

We are a team of architects, product designers, interior designers and marketeers collaborating to make each project distinct and notable.

We collectively work with each other continually throughout the duration of the project to ensure success: Our main goal is to build exceptional places, in special situations, for special people, where a unique environment requires an especially thoughtful and innovative solutions! Welcome to the Best Interior Design Service!

Product Design

We design your dreamy furniture, tailored to your dreams.

Here is how:

phase 1 – Definition of concepts and needs of the client – a meeting is held with the client to define together a concept for the piece of furniture to be created and to understand the functional and aesthetic characteristics that the client idealizes for the piece.

phase 2 – Product development – Cad development of the part according to the customer’s wishes presented in phase 1. Presentation of the drawings to the customer for validation.

phase 3 – Production – development of rigorous technical drawings for the production and execution of the product under the supervision of the designer.

phase 4 – Delivery – The products are inspected and later delivered to the customer and assembled by our specialized team with the accompaniment of the responsible designer.