With a strong growth in their activity, the company TIS – Technological and Intelligent Systems, which is dedicated to the development of technologically innovative solutions, will be installed in lot 8 of iParque – Technological Park of Coimbra – in a construction area of ​​almost 3500m2.

This volumetric conformation is especially reinforced by the architectural language in the its elevations, seeking to explore this relation of contrasts when creating interior spaces that allow a relation of visual and physical permeability, with the presence of the construction using generous areas of glazing.

The rectangular building, in its programmatic content, is distinguished by two distinct areas: the production area and the design and development area. In this sense, it was proposed to create an internal courtyard with two objectives. If, on the one hand, it allows us to have a clear separation of the two distinct functions, on the other it allows us to unify the two blocks in order to emphasize the formal and unique clarity of the building.

The patio covered with translucent plastic panels makes it possible to explore natural light, which comes down inside, creating environments with different intensities of light and providing those who enjoy it with visual comfort. These characteristics give the space functionality as an integrating element in a social aspect, allowing for coexistence between employees, in a common area.


  • Coimbra, Portugal


  • Ongoing


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design