Quinta Do Castelo

With a privileged view over the city of Chaves, Quinta do Castelo is a 5 star hotel with 42 Accommodation Units, Spa, Restaurant, Bar, Event Space and Outdoor Swimming Pool.

In an area with 24 hectares where the relationship between Nature, Agriculture,Viticulture and Animal Husbandry come together in a privileged environment.

Proof of this unique reality is evident even in the construction process itself: We started from the Promoter’s “dream” and then we developed the Global Concept for the whole unit: Architecture was involved in this surroundings with an huge “baroque” impact, where the raw materials used, such as stone and wood were extracted and transformed into the property, converting and giving life to unique floors, coverings and equipment.

The project was born, reborned and reinvented every day, on a journey in which Project and Construction inverted their natural order and logic.


  • Chaves, Portugal


  • Ongoing


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Branding