Quinta da Pintoura

The proposal focuses on the intervention of an existing building – event hall.
It is proposed a reinterpretation of its use, applying a more contemporary character, both in its design and in the application and use of materials.
In the interior, we explored the design of existing roofs, seeking to streamline the space through the design of ceilings, while simultaneously making it more comfortable, appealing to permanence. We reorganize the bar space, as well as new spaces are added – the bride and groom room, the breastfeeding room and the children’s room.

In the exterior, different moments are proposed. The moment of arrival, volumetrically marked by what we call “the pavilion”, with a rhythmic structure of pillars and beams. The moment of entry, which obeys the same rhythm, and which, together with the previous one, define a more introspective, scenic and contemplative exterior space – closed on itself. A moment of relaxation, where through existing elements of the landscape, we explore the introduction of pergolas, which obey to this game of pillars and beams rhythm, moving them along the exterior space, creating different areas, and valuing the landscape intervention.

Local stone has a strong presence in the proposal – clearly marking the intervention – creating a memory link to the place where it operates. The stone has different shapes, sizes and textures, in an allusion to the temporality and erosion of this element. Metal beams and pillars also mark the proposal, and its design in the proposal intends to simulate the lightness of the design, keeping it sober and elegant.


  • Cantanhede, Portugal


  • Ongoing


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Branding