Quinta da Pedra

Quinta da Pedra is one of the most historic properties in Alto Minho, with roots from the 17th century, today it is the largest continuous vine of Alvarinho grape variety in Portugal.

The new winery has new winemaking facilities models supported by the most modern technology: this is essential to maintain and enhance the quality of all grapes at QUINTA DA PEDRA and of course, to produce the best wines.

Tradition, design and cutting-edge technology integrated into an architectural complex perfectly framed by the surrounding landscape, the natural extension of a unique farm in the Region.

In a dialogue between past, present and future, the architecture of the new QUINTA DA PEDRA winery is inspired by the Monção Walls, classified since 1910 as a National Monument, as preserved Monção Walls are the historical testimony of a fortress built in the 17th century according with the project of French military engineer Michel de L’Escole and direction by master João Alves do Rego.

Including and rehabilitating part of the medieval walls, particularly on the riverfront, a wide seventeenth-century wall, with a perimeter of 2700 m, presents a polygonal plan, nine geometric bastions, defended by guard guards, and five doors, of which three are currently maintained, highlighting that of Salvaterra, which boasts national weapons.

Ipotz Studio was responsible for the interior architecture project of Loja de Vinhos, having been inspired by the strong tradition of wine culture that inspired them as nuclei, as images or fabrics.

The designers had full responsability for all the equipment design: Focused in the sobriety in order to highlight the wine as a work of art… Well, in reality this is how we feel it!


  • Monção, Portugal


  • Finished - 2015


  • Interior Design
  • Product Design