Polytechnic Institute

The project focuses on the proposal of a single building that is capable enough to house a library, a cante­en and administration. It is proposed a building that intends to be connected to the two existing ones.

The allu­sion to a rhythmic and repetitive facade pattern, will act as a barrier to the outer light, controlling the bright­ness in the interior space. The materials, like concrete, are used in their essence, integrating into the existing built environment, making the architectural object a symbiosis between the existing and the proposed.

The central point, will allow the circulation between all the floors, and define the library entrance. The proposal, is always focusing on its integration into the surrounding landscape, allowing a close relationship between the interior and exterior.


  • Coimbra, Portugal


  • Project - 2020


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Signage and Wayfinding