Palácio São Silvestre

Fascinating for its historic and authentic charm, the Palácio São Silvestre Boutique Hotel is an imposing manor house built in the 18th century.

In a fusion between classic and baroque style, the environments created are a contemporary reinterpretation in which patterns, shapes and colors play a key role.

The influence of the Rococo artistic movement inspired the hotel’s entire conceptual theme.

With a total of 41 rooms, the hotel also features an outdoor pool, gym, sauna, steam room, four meeting rooms and a restaurant – the Palativm.

Among the rooms, we highlight the four themed suites inspired by several personalities that are part of the history of Palácio São Silvestre and have strong references to the hotel’s past.


  • Coimbra, Portugal


  • Finished - 2019


  • Interior Design