Minerva School

Ipotz Studio’s aim is to build an educational complex with various school buildings, sports facilities and nature areas that will enable its students to develop in a global and multifaceted way. The aim is to create a space that allows sport and nature to be an integral part of the daily lives of children and young people.

The educational buildings have been designed as catalysts for learning, in the sense that they don’t just house classrooms and their accesses, but are also designed as attractive spaces in which students enjoy staying and feel an integral part of.

The environment will therefore be fluid, open and diverse, with good access between buildings and levels of education. This fluidity allows for occasional contact between students of different age groups, which is good for fostering peer relationships. Here, the fact that the support spaces are common will be important, for example, the library, the cafeteria, the bar/cafeteria or some outdoor spaces.


  • Barreiro, Portugal


  • Project - 2021


  • Architecture