Melaka Restaurant

Melaka Restaurant, was inspired by the name of King Malabo I (Malabo Lopelo Mëlaka) and launched as a national reference, with local identity emphasizing its origin.

Since the Malabo market is open to new gastronomic experiences that still to explore in terms of flavors and experiences, it was pur mission to create a restaurant, where, in separate places, traditional Equatorial Guinea cuisine can be prepared and tasted, where a sushiman prepares his Japanese meals, an Italian cheff makes a pasta or even takes advantage of an excellent Steakhouse.

A body of free morphology developed from the terrain was developed and imposed itself, gaining contrast in relation to its surroundings.

The project idea tries to take advantage of the natural and spontaneous shape of the mouth of a volcano and its craters, allowing the building to be designed without a predefined site, being possible to equate any type of atmosphere, in any type of orography.


  • Malabo, Equatorial Guinea


  • Finished - 2014


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Branding