MBL Wine Shop

The Idealdrinks Group challenged us to develop a Concept Store for the Asian market, in a space where various Brands would be present, from wines to olive oils and specal smoked hams.

In order to strengthen commercial and distribution ties with China and the entire Asian market, the objective was to consolidate the presence of the multiple brands in the area of ​​wines and gastronomy, Idealdrinks wanted, through the uniqueness of its products and international recognition, a strong investment in this market.

The major concept was to bring to Asia a little bit of the experience around the wine culture that the Portuguese people continue to feel and live.

Through the textures and scents selected for this project, taking the best of Portugal to the world was our main goal, with an exclusive integration of the product offered by Idealdrinks into a unique and exclusive design.

The newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, the main Italian sports newspaper with a circulation of one million copies, published a review by Luca Gardini, elected Best Sommelier in the World in 2010, in which he attributed 97 points to the MAIN Tinto Grande Reserva 2009, placing it at a level of excellence reserved only for the best wines in the world.

The Principal Tinto Grande Reserva 2009 wine, produced in the São Lourenço Hills – Bairrada, obtained 97 points out of 100, being considered by the great sommelier to be an “amazing red” that, without a nose, refers to the most prestigious wines in Tuscany and in the mouth, for the best Boré Crus. Luca Gardini states that “the aroma reveals a cherry scent and a citrus touch, the evolution in the glass points to aromatic herbs such as basil and sage, with final notes of chocolate.

On the palate it is attractive with fine and long tannins and a freshness super nice at the end.

In the country of rosés, this is undoubtedly the red wine that surprises “.

Also as a result of the excellent quality and worldwide recognition, the IDEALDRINKS Main Vintage Olive Oil won 1st place in Brazil, at the 7th Expo Azeite 2013.


  • Concept Store, Asia


  • Finished - 2014


  • Interior Architecture