Kurdistan Oncological Center

The building structure aims to achieve excellence in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer through the development of clinical and scientific research and innovative organization and management with a constant attention to the quality of the service offered to patients.
The main building architecture divides services into building 1 and building 2 to facilitate the patients circulation and prevent agglomerations.
Organization of routes in order to minimize conflicts between the paths of visitors, users and professionals, allowing a programmatic distribution that obeys the hierarchy Public Space / Private Space.
A modular pattern was created to help perpetuates the memory of ornaments in the most traditional buildings allowing the existence of large-sized glazing without having an excessive solar exposion.
In this way, more current aesthetic and morphological values ​​are crossed, without losing the traditional load that translates safety and comfort to each user.


  • Arbil, Kurdistan


  • Project 2013


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design