Inspiring Healthcare Environments

Ipotz Healthcare Design is a reference brand with inovative design solutions for the healthcare industry.
Our mission is to create and to develop comfortable, safe and funciontal design solutions for healthcare instuituitions that allow the patient and the staff enjoy an unique and healing experience.

Flexible spaces in healthcare are filled with furniture that is adaptable, portable and can be compact. This furniture is intended to be versatile and used in many ways depending on the situation. Rolling tables, chairs and carts allow for easy set-up and take down of flexible spaces. Spaces may change and these items can be flexible and transported. Many are lightweight, and movable and are durable for use of any kind.

To enhance well-being for the patients and communities we create transformative spaces, from Work Space to Care Space—in high-rise headquarters of major city centers, medical center campuses, and out-patient facilities near the places where people live and work. We understand the complexity of the health systems business—in which the community places trust.


When it comes to healthcare, it all matters. Each of the key areas in a healthcare setting is essential for success. Those spaces include patient areas, caregiver spaces, community spaces, and administrative support areas.

These are the spaces at the point of care—patient rooms, exam rooms, and treatment spaces such as infusion or recovery areas.

With very specific needs for patients as well as the healthcare process, these spaces require cleanability and disinfecting. Furniture with high-performance textiles that withstand the rigorous requirements of healthcare facilities are expected.

In today’s healthcare environment, providers must improve patient satisfaction as well as attract and retain caregivers, all while delivering quality care and reducing costs.  Many providers understand the role that design can play in achieving these goals: it can impact patients’ perceptions of their brand and the care they receive, and it can affect staff performance, productivity and comfort on the job.