Idealmed UHC

Located in the downtown, Idealmed – Coimbra Hospital Unit has five operating rooms, two delivery rooms, 71 consultation offices, a 66-bed capacity.

With many services, such as radiology, nursing, dental medicine, clinical analysis and physical therapy, Idealmed is also equipped with a cafeteria, a canteen, an auditorium and a lounge area on the outside.

With wide rooms and cozy environments, this project assumes a character of comfort and sobriety for its practical specifications.

Designed by Ipotz Studio team, the Idealmed project involved the development of the indoor and outdoor environment and product design.

The Design of the smallest detail with the soft and neutral tones makes the spaces pleasant and warm while the furniture ensures a total comfort for the user.


  • Coimbra, Portugal


  • Finished - 2011


  • Interior Design
  • Product Design