House in Rossio

Charm, Glamor and Luxury end up reigning and defining the space.

Comprising a superb entrance hall, where the natural marble floor stands out with the artificial vegetation of the interior garden completing the space in an elegant and discreet way, it turns out to be love at first sight as soon as we enter the apartment.

The suite in dark tones with the furniture, lighting and decoration carefully selected makes the architecture blend with the decorative elements in a subtle and elegant way.

Natural marble turns out to be a point in common or a guiding thread between each room, as we can see in the bathrooms by their coverings and their stereotomy a little different from the usual and each detail emphasizing the space.

Last but not least, the common area, consisting of kitchen, dining room and living room: Here highlights the natural tones based on stone, wood and Bronze to contrast with the dark tones of the panels and mirrors.

Lighting was a precious element in the space, whether decorative or technical, it all works in harmony.


  • Portugal


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  • Interior Design