Hotel Rural Vale D’Azenha

Full responsability for the interior design, product design, decoration and signs.

Inspired by rural areas elements, such as the traditional construction methods and systems, through a contemporary speech present in the interior architecture modeling and in the construction of furniture itself.

In the hotel rooms, you can find unique elements and different décors, from furniture to carpets everything is related with trees: olive tree, fig tree, pomegranate tree, orange tree, walnut tree, lemon tree, lily, poppy and rosebush.

Conceptually valuing the local identity, the reinterpretation of traditional cheetah embossing processes – was a perfect excuse – in graphic and plastic terms, creating a comfortable and bold atmosphere.



  • Alcobaça, Portugal


  • Finished - 2015


  • Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Branding
  • Signage and Wayfinding