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Ipotz Healthcare Design is a reference brand with inovative design solutions for the healthcare industry. Our mission is to create and to develop comfortable, safe and funciontal design solutions for healthcare instuituitions, that allow the patient and the staff enjoy an unique and healing experience.

It’s never been more important to listen to our clients.

And to help them make decisions that not only respond to today’s needs, but to future demands as well.

We strive to create desire for architecture, rather than taking the path of least resistance and conforming to commodity. It’s what all customers desire from their architects and it is exactly what we demand of ourselves.

We inspire the customer by first being inspired by them and their philosophies as an organization. We then guide them along a path of discovery, asking challenging questions and questioning the results of those questions until we have discovered the essential truth of the project together.

Healthcare interior design is always a challenge for us!

One of the reasons for that is that it is not easy to find a way to create a unique interior, if most aspects are regulated by law.

Creativity play a significant role, because we need to combine role of the interior with the intent to make it pleasant for the patients and visitors as well as functional and ergonomic for employees. For each type of medical and healthcare interior, we can outline a legal framework, which defines the basic parameters of the design.

The size of rooms, their possible architectural and functional division into parts intended for specific purposes.

In many cases, the law also defines more detailed requirements for specific equipment elements. This means that an architect who undertakes to design an office, for example a doctor’s office or surgery, must be perfectly aware not only of higher-level legal acts, but also other documents.

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Usability is a basic requirement for absolutely all medical offices and surgeries. These functional requirements determine the purchase of finishing materials with specific characteristics, furniture in a specific color, made of specific materials and in a certain color. Functional aspects also underlie the regulations governing the look and design of medical offices, although here the legislator had to make a certain generalization.

However, it is sensible to separate the space either permanently or by means of a curtained and separated screen, just as it is logical to have a washbasin and dispensers for the disinfectant in the office. Such conditions are as much legal, as practical.

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We provide all the necessary equipment to promote a stress-free place for the patients as well as productive for the staff.


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