Globall Med Medical Centre

Located in Macau, the Globall Med Medical Centre is a healthcare unit that seeks to be a quality reference inside the healthcare services providers.

Based in our vast experience in the healthcare area, our main goal is to present the finest options for this unit. This proposal aim to be a creative solution, that with small details, is able to support the healthcare professionals to make a difference in the quality of the service provided.

The project proposes the creation of a humanized and modern atmosphere, providing comfort and elegant spaces for a relaxing patient experience and optimized spaces with functional furniture focused on improving the staff performance. The proposal is also based on a set of strategies that will help to reduce the chance of accidents and failures:

– The layout and disposition of furniture and other features that improves the workflow reducing human errors;
– Incorporation of abundant daylight that supports healthier circadian rhythms;
– Operational flow and materials management, with anti-bacterial and hospital material selection;
– Acoustic management was crucial on the design process, as thoughtful acoustic design, helps the staff to better listen their patients in order to have a clear communication.


  • Macau


  • Ongoing


  • Interior Design
  • Product Design