Globall Med Clinic

Located in Macau, this project is the first clinic of the Globall Med group in the region. Starting in a clinic already in operation, the proposal is the rehabilitation and remodeling of all spaces, based on two major premises.

The first is the redefinition of the program and, consequently, spatial reorganization, updating all the unit’s functions and strengths to the current needs in an increasingly demanding healthcare market. The proposal’s second major concern is the creation of a new identity – Globall Med – Macau, through a plastic concept that would provide to the space an image of modernity, including elements that refer to the values and identity of the region.

Throughout the proposal, there was always a special concern with the materials and equipment selection, that respond to the needs of health spaces, namely the selection of anti-bacterial materials that promote better cleaning of spaces.


  • Macau


  • Ongoing


  • Interior Design
  • Product Design