Fonte Dos Amores

Fonte dos Amores was the first Motel in the city of Coimbra, with 50 accommodation units: 45 rooms and 5 suites with Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool and Turkish Bath.

The project has a special signature from an extensive historical, graphic and conceptual research.

The architecture and interior design were inspired by the history present in city of Coimbra and her monuments.

This project was inspired by 5 historical periods that ‘’gave life’’ to Fonte dos Amores: Romanesque, Manueline, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical which each concept provides different experiences.

The Romanesque is present with the massive use of dark materials giving the environment a more intimate character;

The Manuelino style developed to create an environment with more contemporary style through the elegance and exuberance of forms and the use of light colors;

For the Renaissance concept, values ​​such as balance, order and symmetry were mixed to create a pure and sober environment;

The Baroque is present with the most theatrical, imposing and ostentatious suites and rooms;

The Neoclassical inspiration was essentially based on the idea of ​​using materials with high attention to the details.

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  • Coimbra, Portugal


  • Finished - 2016


  • Interior Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Branding