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Fit-Out Solutions

If you are interested in opening your healthcare institution in a new location, a turnkey Fit-Out is the ideal solution to make the entire process as efficient and seamless as possible!

Your time is precious, right? So why waste it planning and liaising with multiple different suppliers, designers, and contractors? No longer will you need to negotiate for the best price from 10 different services and suppliers, we can create the perfect solution within your budget.

With a turnkey fit-out, you will be dealing with a single point of contact. Our team will get to know your business and its needs, building a relationship with you and taking your feedback on board to get the most out of your fit-out project.

Only IPOTZ Healthcare Design will manage your business fit-out and you can be sure that the quality will be to a consistently high standard throughout.

No more taking chances on unknown contractors as you’ll be working with us. We have all the resources on hand to get the job done to perfection.

And, because you’re working with the experts, you won’t need to worry about navigating complicated regulations and red tape – we’ve got it covered.

A turnkey office solution is without a doubt the best way to maximise your budget.

When you choose a turnkey refurbishment solution, you can have total peace of mind throughout your project. After all, there’s a lot less to worry about with a complete start-to-finish service.

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Fit Out Process

‘Fit out’ is a term used to describe the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation.

This Work needs to complete the internal layout and servicing of the building shell to meet the specific needs of an incoming occupier.

The building shell is the structural and non-structural envelope of a building provided as a primary stage for a subsequent project to fit out with internal accommodation works.

IPOTZ Heath Design The complete process

These categories do not have standard definitions, and so it is very important that contract documentation sets out precisely what work is to be carried out and by who, rather than relying on ambiguous short-hand terms.

Preliminary Design Study

Concept Design; Layout 2D; 3D Modeling and Renders.

Scheme Project

Layout 2D; Wall Coverings; Ceilings; Equipments Layout; Furniture Layout; Interior Doors; Illumination Layout; Signage Layout and Sanitary Equipment Layout.

Allocation of

Equipments; Furniture; Fixtures; Sanitary Equipment.

Construction Project

Product Design; Equipments; Counters Cabinets; Interior Doors

Final Renderings

Approval and project delivery

Our Recomendations

Types of Flooring

The floor is one of the most important areas in any healthcare setting and there are endless options of flooring products.

It’s important to take in consideration some charateristics like:

Infection control standards; Resistance to microbes; Moisture; Mold and fungs inhibition;  Fire retardant factors; etc…

Compared to other materials, a melamine surface is particularly suitable for all situations that require special hygienic conditions.

Those surfaces exposed to human contact must be cleaned and disinfected regularly and thanks to their easy-to-clean properties, they offer a clear advantage.

Wall Paint

Durable and healthful paint options are most important for wall coatings in healthcare environments.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, decide which paints are appropriate for the needs of your healthcare facility.

While paints may describe themselves as having low or no amounts of VOCs, they may still have solvents or additives that could cause negative health effects.

This is one reason why some healthcare community managers may choose a paint that does not have solvents or additives included in its ingredients.

Non-toxic paint is the best choice for healthcare environments because it is less likely to cause reactions in staff or residents who may have sensitivities to particular substances or odors and it reduces the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals.

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