The FF&E
of Health

The selection of all furniture, fabrics and equipment that will impact positively the success of the staff as well as the patient experience.

In the construction process, FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) installation has one of the most sensitive time frames in the project.

Understanding the standards of each healthcare system is critical for the succes of FF&E planning and execution.

Furniture for healthcare settings is designed specifically for the patient, patient’s family and staff.

Because of the variety of types of health care facilities, there is a big variety of furniture that we select for each application, based primarily on the purpose the furniture serves, the function or task the furniture needs to meet, and then the overall aesthetic requirements to conform with the design impression and intent.

Comfort and function are key considerations which the healthcare design must address.

Furniture must be intuitive to use, durable, attractive and comfortable.

Hospital architects and designers must tread a narrow path between clinical efficacy and hospitality design. Clinicians need easy access to the services and tools that enable them to provide safe and effective care to their patients, while patients and families desire surroundings that provide comfort and evoke a hospitality experience.

Production, Logistic and application

Favourites FF&E’s Solutions

When designing for healthcare institutuions, it is the architects’ duty to protect the investor against any legal reservations. Simply put, the design must be a response to written and accepted functional and hygienic standards. On the other hand, it is necessary to apply marketing principles in the design – a doctor’s office or a veterinary surgery is the showcase of the professional, so it is absolutely understandable that investors want it to visually stand out.

As long as it does not interfere with legal and utility requirements, it is acceptable to use almost any materials and technological solutions, but also in this field there are some unwritten standards that, when used in practice, have a greater or lesser justification.

Our team at IPOTZ works passionately and with acute attention to detail to bring the desired aesthetic to your space. We aee motivated by the belief that proper design can create a flow that positively influences productivity, healing each person who interacts within that space.

Our years of expertise help us to design spaces that alleviate anxieties by inducing calm and relaxation to the particular areas where patients might feel most vulnerable.

The result is patients, staff, and yourself feeling comforted and utterly at ease.

We can't wait to help you with your dream project!