The intervention proposal is part of an expansion area of ​​the EFAPEL company, and its development was carried out in diferent stages.

The organic form created through concrete ramps, walls and stairs, intends to shape the proposal to the existing terrain by being part of it.

The landscape design had the need to correspond to this organic pattern, uniting the built with the nature.

The entire industrial complex is connected through different footpaths. A symbiosis between the interior and the exterior benefiting mobility.

EFAPEL’s interior design project program integrates the workspaces defined in architecture, with offices, a cafeteria, meeting and reception rooms, and, in a second phase, the president’s office, which is a work that evolves with the growth needs of the company.

White is the dominant color making the most of natural light and standardizing spaces.

In other spaces, oak wood dominates the intervention bringing this noble material not only to the furniture but also to the physical space to bring comfort and warmth to a blank space.


  • Serpins, Portugal


  • Finished - 2019


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design