Educational Center

This project was commissioned by the city hall, and the idea was to create a space for the kindergarten next to an already existing elementary school.

A space for about 75 students, with three classrooms and a multipurpose room. Starting from a simple rectangular block, we would after start to add and subtract simple shapes – triangle, circle, square. These shapes – that somehow resembles to kids playing LEGO – come visible in the exterior facades.

In addition to that, we had to secure the connection between this new building and the elementary school. For that, we create two “arms” who, at one side, make the connections between the main entrance to the kindergarten, and other, in the opposite side, between the kindergarten to the existing building.

Our global idea was to create a simple shape, with simple materials. The use of natural concrete on the walls on the outside and the use of white walls in the inside, mark the distinct relation between exterior and interior spaces.


  • Soure, Portugal


  • Finished - 2022


  • Architecture