The project for D’piderme Coimbra was carried out with the aim of adapting the physical space of the clinics to a new, more current, clean and luminous image.The client requested that the new clinic would have four treatment rooms, two offices, a reception room, a staff room and two bathrooms.

The intervention space was an old bank branch, with large windows, facing the street, which, in an aesthetic clinic, became nonsense, since privacy is fundamental! Thus, the windows of the reception and the office were covered with matte striped vinyl, of thin thickness, with random dimensions, cut horizontally and already inside the clinic, a small colonnade defines an antechamber, functioning as a screen and breaking the curiosity of passers, while letting in the light.

In the treatment offices, the windows were lined with vinyl in the color of the design. Artificial lighting has become the guiding thread of the project, with diffused light traveling through the environments, in crown moldings that appear in small corners and follow the walls, continuously, delineating paths and creating small niches.

The right angles were eliminated and the walls and ceilings were painted white. The whole space has a sense of continuity, even more evident in the stainless steel baseboard, contrasting with the marble ceramic tile.

As an aesthetics clinic, all technical installations and machinery must be taken care of, with space available for placing treatment tables, but also for treatment machines, technical offices, as well as space for changing customers’ clothes, with floor thermally adequate, fully integrated into the project.

The staff room and the bathrooms were not neglected and followed the same line as the rest of the project, respecting the accessibility in the execution of one of the sanitary facilities and with a multi-purpose counter in the staff room, through which natural light enters, making it a more pleasant space for the fun use that is intended here.


  • Coimbra, Portugal


  • Project, 2018


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design