Casas da Aldeia

The proposal is intended for the construction of tourist equipment, which tends to simultaneously fulfill the recovery of the existing building – in stone masonry – as well as the redesign of its facades and roofs, forming a homogeneous set of houses. With this, it is intended to respond to a well-defined and structured program, with the aim of providing a more effective response to the needs and ambitions underlying tourism projects, enabling and updating the needs of those who come to enjoy it.

The project is divided into five distinct accommodation units, which vary in their typology. Its volumetry recreates the existing roofs, forming a dynamic set that establishes a dialogue with its surroundings, standing out, but, at the same time, inserting itself in the place.

It is therefore intended, in the overall proposal, that the intervention emerges as a reinterpretation of what exists, whether in its form or in the use of materials and construction techniques, adopting a new soul, and a new function, but always seeking to adapt to the place where you belong.


  • Soure, Portugal


  • Ongoing


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Branding