Casa do rio

Our proposal pretends to give to the building its original function – housing. Starting from the same existing volume, which until then served as a bar, an attempt was made to provide the proposal with an optimal well-being of those who inhabit it. For this, the intervention only involved the reformulation of the entire interior, maintaining the existing exterior – where the only alteration will be the replacement of the window frames in order to comply with other habitability requirements.

The proposal then involves the proposal for a living room and kitchen, which function as an “open space” and which have a more immediate contact with the outside, through the previously existing terrace platform. In this way, the views over the river are valued, and work as an extension of the interior views. Parallel to this, the installation of two bedrooms is also proposed. One of them will function as a suite, with its own sanitary installation – which in turn is divided between a shower and washbasin area and another, isolated, toilet area. In addition to this bedroom area, another sanitary installation is also introduced that will serve the entire house. We tried to ensure that all spaces had natural lighting, either through the openings in the walls or through the existing skylight.

In terms of materials, the solution only seeks to contribute to a faster execution, through plasterboard panels, both on the walls and ceilings, and the floor will be in
microcement. The exterior – plaster and roof tiles – will be maintained and, if justified, some elements that may be damaged may be replaced.


  • Soure, Portugal


  • Ongoing


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design